Monday, 19 November 2007


Whether you are just beginning a genealogy project or if you are a seasoned researcher, the holiday season can provide a wealth of opportunities for you to learn a little more about your family history. Holiday events tend to bring multiple generations of family members together, and what better time to have pen and paper or tape or digital recorder in hand to record some family stories?

Start out with some general questions: Where did your parents and grandparents meet? Why did your family settle in a particular area? What do your relatives remember about their grandparents and other deceased relatives? Do your older relatives recall attending major family events when they were younger, such as weddings, funerals and family reunions?

Let the conversation flow, especially if one topic reminds a relative of other information. Tell your relatives to feel free to contact you later if they remember anything else, and always, always thank them for the information they provide.

There are many books and Websites dedicated to interviewing loved ones. Online, check out Cyndi's List under the "Oral History & Interviews" section:

  • Genealogy tips are provided by the Kentucky history staff of the Kenton County Public Library. Elaine Kuhn provided this tip.

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