Saturday, 27 October 2007


Steps to be taken to obtain documents from the Cape Town Archive

Send an order for
a maximum of 50 documents per month
by either



POST TO: Western Cape Archive, Private Bag X0-25, Cape Town 8000


FAX TO: +21-465-8100.

  • The archive will reply with a document to be signed by the researcher.
  • Return the document either by fax to +21-465-2960 , e-mail or snail-mail to above addresses.
  • The archive will respond with a quotation and bank account details.
  • Either deposit the amount against their reference number or mail the cheque to above address.
  • Wait.
No additional fee is charged for mail -- only 80 cents per page copied.

No website is available with instructions.

I e-mailed my first order on 16 September 2007 and am now at waiting.

  • The Pretoria Archive does not provide the same service for the ordering of copies - it might follow soon. The contact details for all the archive repositories can be found on the NAAIRS website
From Dennis Pretorius, Krugersdorp, South Africa, Executive Member of GSSA, Genealogical Researcher, Owner of SAGenealogy E-mail List, via Rootsweb.

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