Sunday, 30 March 2008


This blog of the West Gauteng Branch of the GSSA is one year old today.

Up to now exactly 100 reports/articles were published.

More exciting is that we've had more than 5 600 visitors to our blog since 1 April 2007. On average there were 133 visitors per week. One quarter of these visited the blog for a second time or more in the same week. Approximately half of the visitors were serious visitors. The other half accessed us by accident while "surfing" on the internet.

We had visitors from all five continents. It totalled no less than 54 countries. We have regular visitors from a number of them.

"So what do all these statistics really mean?" you may ask. It is exposure -- exposure to our blog and exposure to genealogy.

  • As a birthday present all reports were indexed.
It appears on the left in the sidebar.

This index will make it possible to easiliy trace reports that were published.

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