Saturday, 5 September 2009


On 22 August 2009 Hendrik Louw, president of the GSSA (right), addressed members of the West Rand Branch of the GSSA. Some NEC members from Potchefstroom, Pretoria and Vanderbijlpark also attended, reports Penny Evans, branch committee member.

Hendrik stressed that genealogy was not only about what had happened in the past, but that today would also become history. Our children probably know very little about the first thirty years of our lives. It was up to each one of us to write his own story for the benefit of his children and their descendents. Who else could write the story better than yourself?

He said that he planned to talk to members from all eleven branches so that he could get a clear idea of what members expected from the GSSA. He felt that each branch should look after its new members as well as the present members, who have a great deal of knowledge that would be lost to the branch, should they leave.

A discussion was held. Members were encouraged to answer the following questions. Why am I a member of GSSA and what do I expect from GSSA?

The plan of GSSA was to create products and to develop resources and to make this more accessible for those doing research.

Members were encouraged to give their ideas to Lucas Rinken and Dennis Pretorious, who would give the feedback to GSSA so that management could see what could be done to make the ideas a reality.

Hendrik Louw is a man with strong leadership qualities and a passion for genealogy.

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