Saturday, 29 December 2007


  • Op 19 Januarie 2006 is die volgende vraag op Rootsweb gevra: Is dit wenslik om familiedokumente, soos geboortesertifikate, begrafnisbriewe, koerantknipsels, ens. te lamineer om dit teen die tyd se verinnewering te beskerm. Sal dokumente in hul oorspronklike staat meer waarde behou?
  • Anne Lehmkuhl answered as follows: Never laminate original family documents -- the glues in laminate can eventually destroy the documents. Rather make a photocopy of the original and laminate that if you want a laminated copy.
  • Karin Serfontein replied: I would suggest that you contact a scrapbook shop and buy some acid free paper and pockets to protect you valuable documents and photos. Please don't laminate them.

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