Wednesday, 4 April 2007


Die bekende Rinken-De Wet Genealogiese Databasis, ‘n produk van die tak, sal voortaan as die Elektroniese Suid-Afrikaanse Genealogiese Indeks (e-SAGI) bekendstaan. Ondersoek word ingestel om die data in die toekoms op die internet beskikbaar te stel.

Lucas Rinken, die dryfkrag agter die databasis, vertel dat die langtermynplanne is:

  • Om die indeks uit te brei deur dit as ‘n webtuiste op die internet te plaas;
  • Om lede te werf wat 'n eenmalige of jaarlikse fooi betaal om toegang daartoe te kry en dan moontlik verder te betaal vir data wat afgetrek word en
  • Lede sal ook insette kan lewer om die databasis se inhoud te verbeter of uit te brei.

Richard Ford reports: The purpose of the index is to provide researchers with a reliable database that is constantly updated as new information becomes available. It is, therefore, a dynamic, electronic database that is quickly available at a reasonable cost.

Up to now it was available on CD only, but in future it will also be accessible on the internet.

The database already contains more than 315 000 individual names, representing 116 000 South African families and is being added to daily by enthusiastic genealogists who voluntarily submit Gedcoms of their family research.

The CD contains two elements:

1. The Standard Version of the Genealogical Program, Legacy.

It can also be downloaded free of charge from the internet at: and installed on your computer, using the password “family”. Similarly you could upgrade it to the De Lux Version, with its advanced features, by paying the required fee to Millennia Corporation through this website. (The compiler is part of the team currently translating Legacy into Afrikaans and he is confident that an Afrikaans version will be available soon.)

Once you have installed the program, you need to transfer the Legacy Data File e-SAGI.fdb to the Data directory created by the installation of the Legacy Program.

2. The e-SAGI database in the form of the Legacy data file and a Gedcom.

The database has grown from the Rinken-De Wet Database that Lucas Rinken had compiled with the cooperation of Tesselaar Bryan de Wet of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, who made his father’s De Wet file available. It was further augmented from Henk de Wet’s book “Familie De Wet -- 300 jaar”, and Gedcoms supplied by numerous researchers.

How to order the CD

Send a Gedcom of your family research (containing at least 1 000 names) to Lucas Rinken at for inclusion in the database and receive a copy of the e-SAGI CD free or

Send your order to Dennis Pretorius at The cost is R120. Purchasers of previous editions receive the latest CD at a discount.

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